Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vintage Engine Parts Desperately Needed

Our friends, the Pembertons of Spokane, are in need of your help.  Last year they finished the restoration of a beautiful Waco EQC-6 powered by a Wright 760-E2.  As usual it is a piece of vintage artwork.  Unfortunately, problems with the powerplant have kept it grounded.  This is why they need your help.
The Wright 760-E2 was a 350hp version of the 760 and is not the easiest powerplant to deal with when you need parts.  Being original to the EQC-6 though, it is something the family wishes to retain.  Therefore, they are reaching out to the vintage community in a search for spare engines and a particular part that recently failed.
Here is the part that has the Waco grounded at the moment.  It is a tower gear and if they can't find one they'll have to have it manufactured.  This is a shame because like so many other vintage aircraft engine parts, it almost surely exists in some hoarders stash but it isn't available to the people who need it.  If you know such a person, a museum that has one and claims to be about preserving aviation (Evergreen supposedly has an E2 on display), or maybe someone who doesn't realize a fellow "antiquer" needs this part please speak up or ask them to contact the Pembertons.  Until the part is found it is grounded.
Many of you reading this are likely assuming most people in the vintage aircraft community already know about the Pemberton's need for this part.  Yet, I have found that is often not the case.  Although there is a core group of people in the antique community who are closely connected, the rest of those who may have or may know of the location of such a part are often out of the loop and it is up to us to find them.  It could even be a museum or collector in another country that has this piece.  Whatever the case, we are asking you to pass this on to all your aviation friends and acquaintances far and wide in hopes of locating it.

Part Needed for Wright 760-E2:
Tower Gear
Part # 64834

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