Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vintage Aircraft Owners Prepare

As we've recently noted, the FAA seems hell bent on over-using AD's to the point of including statistically normal occurrences.  One can only assume it is either another way for them to remove old planes from the air or to remove anything from the air of which they have no knowledge.  Whatever the case, it has become a serious problem for aircraft owners.  Now we have an accident that could affect many different vintage airplanes if the CAA (Canadian Aviation Authority) decides to go after it, the FAA follows suit, and our groups aren't prepared to fight back.
On September 11th, the Vintage Wings of Canada Stearman lost a propeller blade and subsequently its powerplant on take off.  Looking at the Vintage Wings website, it appears to have been a Hamilton Standard ground adjustable.  These are highly sought after due to the lack of an onerous AD like the one on the McCauley ground adjustable steel bladed prop.
The good news is that this happened on a PT model Stearman which is known for its legendary ability to protect pilots in the worst of accidents.  Both occupants survived and we've heard they are going to be ok.  
As for the consequences of this accident, please keep your eyes out for anything involving the FAA and these propellers.  

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