Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Successful Event

The Buzz About Beez event(Sept. 14th), unique in the world of aviation, was a success.  Created by Ginger as a way to promote aviation and another of her interests, bees, the gathering left us with intriguing results.  It was a mix of two different types of flying machines and their keepers’ enthusiasm to keep them in the air.
If your interest lies only within the narrow confines of large aviation gatherings, this event probably wasn't for you.  However, the goal, just like every other event we have hosted, was to create a ‘reason for you to go flying’ and offer a place to hang out, enjoy the scenery, see old friends, meet new friends, and talk about planes.  This time though there was also an opportunity to introduce a new group of people to the world of aviation while learning about a small creature responsible for pollinating over one third of the food that we eat.  Knowing pilots will fly hundreds of miles in search of ‘the perfect place to eat’, we thought they just might have an interest.
When the day came the weather was fabulous and the cups of Indiana made honey ice cream topped with Geez Beez Honey were a hit.  If you like relaxed events with a good mix of people and planes, then this was right down your alley.
So far as I know, I am the only person that even attempted a count of aircraft on hand that day and it was a casual attempt at best.  What I came away with was that the number was over thirty.  As for people, judging by the registrations, there may have been around 400. 
Airport land compatibility issues have long been a struggle for all airports and Lee Bottom Flying Field has been on the forefront of looking for solutions.  We’ve been able to put the bug in the ears of others as some of the ‘big boys’ such as Seattle, St. Louis, and Indianapolis have recently shared their ideas of keeping bees on their airport land.   While working on some of these projects Ginger came up with the title of ‘Aero, Agri, Eco Tourism’.  We think it is something you’ll see and hear more about in the future as land is one thing most airports have plenty of.
Finally, the makeup of the people at The Buzz  was quite different; exactly what Ginger hoped to achieve.  An entirely new segment of people was on hand to enjoy the scenery while regular airport volunteers actually took time to walk around and enjoy the activities.  There were plenty of attendees but it wasn't frenzied, people took time to talk to each other, and very few even picked up their smart phones.   It was a good time and it opened up options.
If Lee Bottom and aviation are to survive, we're going to need some new blood and The Buzz definitely had it.  That is exciting to see.

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