Monday, September 9, 2013

Visitors From Far and Wide

L-R: Emil & Uli
I'm always amazed by the number of international visitors we receive here at Lee Bottom. Pilots from all over the world have driven, ridden, and flown into our corner of the world so many times we shouldn't be surprised by it.  Yet each time it happens we are and we've never been disappointed.
Maybe it's our common interest in aviation or perhaps a similar sense of adventure that attracts such enjoyable folks to our field?  Whatever the reason, we always hate to see them leave.  The two most recent were no different.
One extremely beautiful day about two weeks ago, the field was buzzing with activity.  People were coming and going all day and everyone was having a great time.  Some stopped for lunch, a few practiced landings, and several zipped by and waved.  Among all the aircraft that afternoon was a Searey Amphibian that taxied up loaded to exactly one pound under gross. Inside were two guys who looked to be having a great time.
Stepping out from the plane, the two gentlemen introduced themselves as Ulrich (Uli) Hasche and Emil Rollin.  Their primary homes were in Germany and Switzerland but for a few weeks in August their home was the Searey.  Together they were flying it around the eastern half of The United States and doing their best to have fun.  It was the second week of their journey when they stopped to see us.
As usual, among us we had at least one common acquaintance, they stayed longer than planned, and when they departed we hated to see them go.
Every day on an airport is an adventure.  Sometimes it's yours and other times it's theirs.  Either way, there is some pleasure to be had by all when someone is living their life to the fullest.

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