Monday, September 9, 2013

The Buzz About Bees

This coming Saturday, September 14th, we will be hosting 'The Buzz' at Lee Bottom.  The original event was organized by Ginger in 2012 and hosted at Clifty Falls State Park.  When it was over, it turned out to be the largest event the park's Nature Center had ever seen.  Thinking it was a one time deal, Ginger took great pride in its success and moved on.  Then people began to ask if there would be another Buzz while pilots started asking if we would hold another event at the airport.
Feeling well rested but a little lost with no events on the calendar, after fielding so many questions it was decided we would mix the two together and see what came out the other side.  Personally, I'm excited to see the results.
Aviators are a unique bunch as are bee keepers.  They each have their own language, clothes, and obsessions with things that fly.  Most of them love the outdoors, work tirelessly on upkeep, and in the end come away with little more than sweet memories.  They also both are struggling with the same issues.

Each group faces a graying population and younger generations that are disinterested while simultaneously being attacked from all directions.  Pilots face the parasitic drag of excess government and poisonous self-motivated bureaucrats while beekeepers face invasive parasites, pesticides, and crony capitalism.  Yes, the combination may seem a little odd at first but deep down the two groups are much more alike than expected.
If you're a pilot who is looking for an excuse to go flying, come check out the displays on bees, taste honey, and indulge yourself in honey ice cream.  You may very well come away with a new hobby.
If you're into beekeeping, and you're looking for something different to do, come by and check out the planes sitting on the grass.  You might find that your bees are having more fun flying around than you realized.
Whatever the case may be, the weather is supposed to be nice, the scenery will be great, and the atmosphere will be relaxed.  What more could you ask for?
To see the event details, click here.  Or, to read more about the event click here for a local newspaper article on the subject.

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